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Santa Clara Valley
Callers Association

Next Dance
Saturday 29 June 2024
Caller Appreciation Dance

Plus Square Dancing with Rounds, an A-2 Tip, and Pre-Rounds

Called/Cued by Members of SCVCA

Solos and Couples Welcome
(you do not need to come with a partner)

Square Dance Attire Optional

$12/person general admission
$10 for members of SCVSDA clubs
$6 for youth (under 18)

Santa Clara Valley
Square Dancers Association



Callers for the 29 June Dance
Keith Brown
Keith Ferguson
Kurt Gollhardt
Nikki Hensley-Savio
Harlan Kerr
Mike Pogue
Bob Steele

Cuers for the 29 June Dance
Sandi Kremer
Arlene Scallon

Location for the 29 June Dance

Muwekma Ohlone Middle School
850 N. 2nd Street
San Jose, CA 95122

Schedule for the 29 June Dance

7:30-8:00pm pre-rounds
8:00-10:45pm Plus with rounds and an A-2 tip




The first Whing Ding of each year is normally the Presidents Ball.

The second Whing Ding of each year is normally the Caller Appreciation Dance.

The remaining Whing Dings may have special themes selected each year.

Future Dance Dates

Saturday - 31 August 2024
Saturday - 30 November 2024
Saturday - 29 March 2025
Saturday - 31 May 2025
Saturday - 30 August 2025
Saturday - 29 November 2025

Past Dances


Whing Dings are sponsored jointly by SCVSDA and SCVCA under a formal agreement that sets out each organization's responsibilities. Any surplus (or loss) is shared equally between the two associations.

The SCVSDA arranges for the hall, publicizes the dance, recruits volunteers to set up the hall and manage the sign-in desk, solo rotation, and refreshment table, and handles all of the financial tasks including collecting money from the dancers, making the payments for the hall and miscellaneous expenses, and bookkeeping. For further information contact:

Jim Davis, Chair, Whing Ding Committee

The SCVCA provides and schedules the callers and cuers, who in addition to calling/cuing at the dance also provide the sound system. For information contact:

Keith Brown, SCVCA Vice President

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does "Whing Ding" mean?

The name appears to be derived from a slang term for a noisy/lively/exciting celebration or party. It has been used, with various spellings, by many kinds of organizations for various kinds of special events.

Isn't there another square dance series with the same name?

The term may be used in other parts of the country for similar dances, but the geographically closest square dance series with a similar name is the "Wing Ding" festival, held annually in Merced, sponsored by the Central California Square Dance Association. (Note the difference in spelling.)

How are callers for the Whing Dings chosen?

As the co-sponsor of these dances, SCVCA selects the callers, from among their own membership, using rules that they have adopted specifically for this purpose. Note that this selection procedure is completely separate from the SCVSDA's "Top Ten Callers" list (which is based on voting by SCVSDA club members). Callers who are not members of SCVCA are not eligible to call at Whing Dings.

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Last Updated 11 March 2024