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62nd Annual Jubilee
5-7 October 2018


Hoover Middle School
1635 Park Avenue
San Jose, California

Andy Allemao

Vic Ceder

Charlie Robertson

Dan and Allison
and SCVSDA Top Ten Callers with additional local callers/cuers

Plus, Advanced, Challenge, Rounds
Workshops, Round Dance Teaches, Specialty Sessions
Sessions for Newer Dancers

Pre-Registration Price


Thank you to all who have made our past Jubilees a success!


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Want to help put on this year's event?
Volunteers are needed for positions in all areas.


62nd Annual Jubilee
5-7 October 2018


For more information contact:
Mary Jane Wegener
General Chair

SCVSDA Jubilee, PO Box 61442, Sunnyvale, CA 94088
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Last Updated 2 June 2018