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Standing Committees

Committee Chairperson, Additional Members
Advanced/Challenge Hoedown Mary Gingell, Richard Boucher, Joe Dehn, Sue Lietz-Davis, Dave Westerman
Audit (Board serving as Audit Committee.)
Bylaws Joe Dehn, Jim Davis, Mary Gingell
Calendar Jim Davis, Joe Dehn
Dancing at the Fair Doris Livezey
Demonstration Dances vacant
General Dance Program Nikki Hensley, Jane Bishop, Louis Bookbinder, Jim Davis, Joe Dehn, Keith Ferguson, Mary Gingell, Kurt Gollhardt, Harlan Kerr, Mary Jane Wegener
Historian Joe Dehn
Insurance Donna Bookbinder
60thJubilee Jim Davis and Sue Lietz-Davis, members
61stJubilee Joe Dehn
Nominating Mary Jane Wegener, Richard Boucher, Jim Davis, Nikki Hensley
Property Jim Davis, Donna Bookbinder, Richard Boucher
Publicity vacant
Webmaster Joe Dehn
Whing Ding Jim Davis, Jane Bishop, Donna Bookbinder, Mary Jane Wegener

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